Friday, 8 June 2007

So Heiress It Is...

So Paris Hilton goes to jail, and gets back out again. It's not Monopoly, she doesn't have a "Get Out Of Jail" pass. It's reality, baby.

Seems as if an heiress is entitled to do anything she wants, even if it borders on a breach of law. What to do? The golden key hanging from her mouth also opens jail doors apparently.

Or does it? Seemingly the US population aren't too happy with her being sent home and put under house arrest (assuming that the over 400 emails and hundreds of phone calls from people around the States represent the true population and not just the people who are anti-Hilton administration), and she's now ordered back into jail.

So what next, Miss Hilton? The Simple Jail Life?



Chee Kui said...

It's quite irritating actually. If I were Paris Hilton, I would be angry. Seems like they're making her as a joke..

Yee-chan said...

Yeah, newspapers may have been dramatising the matter...

The core issue is that the practice of justice shouldn't exclude any one person.

Just seems to me that she took her sentence lightly... :P

Chee Kui said...

lol.. but then, she's gonna serve the full 45 days jail time..
bad for her..

Yee-chan said...

Yeah, hope she learns from this experience.

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