Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Food for the Skin

Sometime last year, my father came across the AMICA ORGANICS stall at the Marrickville Organic Farmer's and Trader's Markets. My father was quite interested in the products because of the organic certification. He asked me to look into these products from a pharmaceutical point of view, as he was interested in importing them. 

I could not find much information or many reviews on AMICA ORGANICS on the Internet. In the middle of this year, I contacted Sonia Magliocchi, AMICA ORGANICS' founder and creator. She was very obliging, and agreed to meet with me at the pharmacy.  She told me she makes the products in Maroubra, and over 95% of the ingredients are certified organic. She indicated she has done a lot of research into the ingredients. I was bought over by the fact that her skin appeared flawless, so I decided to stock her products in the pharmacy. 

I also decided to try some of the products. The best way to know whether or not a product works is to try it. Here I will give my opinion on them.


ALEGRIA facial cream cleanser

I love the smell and texture of the cream cleanser. ALEGRIA is scented with clove bud and sweet fennel oils; I find this scent unique to AMICA ORGANICS. Only two pumps of the cream cleanser is required to cleanse the face. Pump the cream cleanser onto damp palm, and rub it onto damp skin. The cleanser has the consistency of double cream, and does not lather. I feel a slight tingle as I rub the cream all over my face, then I rinse it off with plenty of cool water. My skin feels thoroughly cleansed and it does not feel tight. I cleanse my skin twice day, sometimes in the middle of the day, as I feel so refreshed and energised after washing my face with ALEGRIA.

ROSINA anti-ageing facial serum

There are two facial serums, CALMIA and ROSINA. CALMIA is anti-inflammatory, and it contains chamomile and neroli essential oils to soothe skin. CALMIA is recommended for red, inflamed, and acne-prone skin. ROSINA is anti-ageing, and it contains rose otto and frankincense essential oils. Sonia recommends to apply half a pump in the morning and one pump at night to cleansed skin. Gently pat the serum onto the skin, and I allow 15 minutes for the oils to be absorbed into the skin. I find the serum  very moisturising and it does not cause my skin to break out. I have used both CALMIA and ROSINA, and I do not find a significant difference in the two formulations. I do prefer the ROSINA for its scent.

SERENITY facial moisturiser

I love the smell of this facial moisturiser. I cannot stop smelling my hands after using it; they smell as if I am holding a bouquet of jasmines. The moisturiser has a thick texture, and I usually apply it twice a day onto my skin 15 minutes after using the facial serum. My skin feels very, very soft after applying it. 

Airless pump bottle reduces oxidisation of the essential oils

The facial serums and moisturiser are contained in airless pump bottles, which reduce oxidisation of the essential oils, and allow every last bit of the serum or moisturiser to be pumped out of the bottle. 

These products are not suitable to be used in pregnancy. 

I've been using the products for a few months. I find my skin softer and the skin of my cheekbones less red; therefore, I'm a happy user!

AMICA ORGANICS products may be purchased online, or at certain markets (e.g. at Marrickville), or, if you happen to live in the Shire, you could purchase them at Miranda Day and Night Pharmacy. 

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