Saturday, 27 March 2010

Heavy Heart

I know that one day Swea'D would leave us; that is inevitable.

I know that I should celebrate the wonderful memories we've had with her.

But there's a lump in my throat everytime I think about her. My heart feels like it's made of lead. Tears would well up in my eyes.

I wish we had been there for her. I wish we could have seen her. To let her know that we love her.

I miss her...


Good Bye Swea'D 26/03/2010

Good bye girl...

We're sorry we weren't with you...

Thanks for the wonderful 13 years you've had us... it was the wackiest, most exasperating, funniest 13 years... and we wouldn't change one thing...

We will miss you and love you always. You've been the best friend we could ever hope for.

Love always,
The Family.

With a heavy heart I bid you farewell,
I shall always remember you my trusty friend,
When my eyes are swathed in darkness,
And my hearing grows dim,
The memory of you shall be with me until the end...


Wednesday, 3 March 2010


It's been three days since I came back to Sydney... and I'm in the process of looking for work. It has not been as good as I would have liked. On top of which, we've been notified by strata that the rent would be increased, and I received bad news from one of my workplaces.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I'm good at what I do. I hate making mistakes, that's why I try to be careful with what I do, checking a few times before I give out medicines. After nearly three years out, I would say that I'm nearly as paranoid as I was when I was fresh in the market. Yet, sometimes, shit happens. There's only so much I can do to reduce it from happening.

Sigh, I'm no Superman...

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