Tuesday, 19 June 2007

On Tomatoes

Tomatoes are just about the most versatile food that I can think of.

They can be eaten raw or cooked, whole or mashed, diced or sliced.

They can be eaten without any flavourings or seasonings, or sprinkled over with salt, sugar, pepper, or herbs.

They add colour to dishes. They even serve as garnishing.

They can be made into juice, sauce, soup, stew.

They can be served cold or hot.

They can be eaten any time of the day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, as snack.

Other than rinsing with water, the skin doesn't need to be peeled, and even the pulp and seeds can be eaten.

Best of all, they're healthy to eat.

I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like to eat tomatoes...

Are you a tomato-eater?


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