Friday, 22 June 2007

It's How You See Things

So the saying goes:

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Well, if it were up to me, I'd have pictures saying things like:

Lady doctor: "How? I have to plaster his leg no?"

Three wise men: (in unison) "Mmm..."

Lady doctor: "Like that, then ok, then patient has to lie on stomach... easier to put the plaster on..."

Patient: "Aiyoyo, doctor, cannot lie on stomach, I just had dhal and chapati for lunch!"

Lady doctor: "Ambulance bring you in to argue with me is it? You don't lie on your stomach, see how you going to crawl out of hospital! Dhal and chapati as if!"

Patient: (thinking to himself) "This time you don't die? If my Indian feet don't make you faint, my fart will by jolly good!"

Lady doctor spaces out after breathing in the toxic stench, the three wise men act busy and talk about politics.

Haha... sorry KP (my bestest sai lou in the world), I just couldn't resist. Don't worry leh, there's no sugar, only plaster ;) Thanks for the pics though!!!


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