Friday, 15 June 2007

The One I Can't Forget

There is someone I can't forget. It's been slightly more than a month, and yet I can't, and won't, accept the fact that I won't be together with him. Every time I look at his face, it hurts me more than I can imagine, or choose to acknowledge. Everything that reminds me of him is bittersweet.

Yesterday, I read two things that are relevant to my life at this point in time: a book titled "An English Psychic in Hollywood", and the other: my daily horoscope. What I find most interesting is that the reading revealed my inner thoughts, and here I include the excerpt of it:

"The desire for marriage is very strong, and it is possible that the planets can bring someone into your life who will benefit you financially and fulfill your need for love and affection. The necessity for a close relationship may draw some of you into a hasty marriage"

It's interesting what life indicates to us: seemingly small, insignificant details. It just depends on how we see things. It's how we see things that govern how we react to those things.


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