Saturday, 28 April 2007

Unemployment Euphoria

As of 24/04/2007, I've finished the 2000 hours of supervised practice at the pharmacy. I'm now in the in-between, getting my documents ready for registration and waiting to become registered. Oh, and of course, unemployed. :P
To work or not to work is not the question: All I know now is that I'm happy that I'm not working... I consider this period a well-earned holiday.
Ok, so it's not exactly a holiday. Just a short break in fact. I have been applying for jobs, but I guess so as long as I'm not registered, they can't really offer me a position. It would be like offering a runaway orang utan from Taronga Zoo a chance to juggle bananas in Luna Park. :P
So back to square one. I am happy for this break, and as you can see, I have been spending more time blogging, and doing things that I would otherwise find little time to do. :) However long it would take for me to find a job, come what may. I have the assurance that some of the pharmacists from the pharmacy I worked in would give me a call so that I can fill in for them. So worse comes to worst, I only need to pray that someone gets sick. :)


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