Thursday, 26 April 2007

News On: Lebanese found guilty of intimidating lover's maid

I don't read the newspaper often, but when I do, the things that people do these days never cease to amaze me.
KT was reading the Star (a Malaysian newspaper) online today (Thursday 26/04/2007), and one of the articles that caught his attention, "Lebanese found guilty of intimidating lover's maid" was so noteworthy that I had to mention this on my blog, lest people think that I only talk about fish and other trivial matters (trivial not to me, but to the readers of my blog, if there are any :P).
"What is so extraordinary about this article?", you might ask. There's certainly nothing unusual about love affairs. It's the details surrounding the love affair that are unusual.
So there is this Lebanese sweets seller in Malaysia who had an affair with a married Chinese woman. Naturally, the husband found out about the affair. If he didn't, then there wouldn't be anything for the newspaper to harp about, is there? Unnaturally, the husband was not furious about the affair, or at least his sentiments are not of importance. It turns out that the Lebanese sweets seller was furious, at the Filipino maid, because he THOUGHT that the maid was responsible for ratting on him to the husband.
So what is a healthy 26-year old Lebanese male who cuckolds on another man to do with the sneaky Filipino maid? He sends her threat sms and phone calls. So much so that the Filipino maid said " Ano bayan??? I didn't even tell Sir about Madam's affair. Sir already knew a long time ago!!! I can't stand it any longer. I want to sue this Lebanese dude."
So there is the court. Naturally the Lebanese man had a counsel. So the counsel tells the court:
"Aiyah, what? Your honour, it's not my client's fault lah, he cannot help himself. He was born in Lebanon, you know? Lebanon is a hotspot for not only Lebanese cucumbers but also war, you know? Palestine? Israel? They give the Lebanese no chance to plant their cucumbers in peace. So of course lah my client was brought up to be aggressive lah, in Lebanon he has to protect himself against war mah, so when he came to Malaysia, he has to protect himself against a sneaky Filipino maid lah. Very fair what. My client is already very sorry lah, so forgive him lah, don't rotan him."
Fair indeed. The court must have taken pity on this man. He was fined RM 2,800 or 6 months in prison by default. Of course he sold enough sweets to pay off the fine.
The conclusion is if you want to commit crime and get away with it, you must get your lawyer to tell your sad story and hire a solo violinist to boot. Even terrorists can get away in Malaysia.
"My client has been ingrained with terrorist doctrines ever since he was young. Therefore, for him to bomb up a great part of KL is only fair given that he has terrorist notions."
Circular reasoning does work, you know.


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