Monday, 16 April 2007

Loyalty for a Price

I've finally become a loyal member of my favourite bead shop (Maria George Pty Ltd; check out the website I must have made quite an impression on the shop assistant - she recognised me ("You come here quite a bit, don't you?") and she offered me a 10% loyalty card... woo hoo!!! I've only ever received a loyalty card from food and / or drink outlets (Easyway Tea, Fresh Juice... yes I am a glutton for food!!!)!!! So this is what it feels like to be loyal patron!!!

So yes, there I was at Maria George's today looking at a few types of beads I wanted to get... and I wanted to get so many of them... I had to resist from telling the lady, "Yes, I want the whole lot, a packet of each type of beads, please.", because I felt so important and appreciated as a loyal customer. Had I have done that, I would have most definitely not only earned myself a loyalty card there and then, I would have also lifted my status to be the number one patron of Maria George Pty Ltd. The next time I visit the shop, the lady might even serve me tea while I make my choices!!!

I was in such an artsy-crafty mood that I even got some fabric rosettes and some stuff to make my own earrings... I'm proud to say that I made a pair of earrings this evening!!! I'll borrow PY's digital camera to take a photo of my first-ever masterpiece and post it here, perhaps someone would have some suggestions on how I could improve on the design... :P
( No wonder the shop assistant recognised me)

I hope I continue to put my bead investments to good use, lest the fires of passion burn out more quickly that I would like. :P

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