Friday, 13 April 2007

Oh So Magic!!!

This is an ode to Miracle So Magic! fragrance by Lancome. I am SO INTOXICATED by Miracle So Magic! that I went to Myer's a little over two weeks ago to spray the perfume all over me and onto sample strips until the sales lady started eyeing me suspiciously, so much so that the next day I passed by the Lancome counter, she decided to serve me by spraying a stingy amount of So Magic! onto a sample strip when I asked her if I could try the fragrance on. She wasn't too happy either when I kept asking her about the prices, so I KNEW that I've been blacklisted. If I ever go back next time, she'd expect me to buy it. That's why up until now I have steered clear of Myer's Westfield Chatswood.

Who can ever believe that so much magic is packed in 30mL- / 50mL- / 100mL-bottles? A few years ago, National Geographic had a cover article on fragrances (Perfume, the Essence of Illusion; October 1998). I don't remember the exact details of the article, but the point was that a success or failure of a perfume depended on creating the perfect bouquet of fragrances, combining them to create THE ONE that piques the wearer's interest and maintains the magic long after the perfume has worn off. Think Dior Addict. You can't enough of it, and you don't want to.

So does this justify the prices of some of the best-selling perfumes? Perhaps not, but perhaps no justification is needed: if a bottle of perfume transcends beyond mere smell, it symbolises a person as a unique being, it lends confidence and enhances attitude, character, and personality, why would you care about the price? It's almost like buying heaps of self-motivation books you never read. Better to smell good while you're at it.

I feel good, and I smell good, too. Ooh la la, So Magic!!!


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