Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Painted Veil

This time on the plane, I watched a grand total of THREE films back-to-back - "Music and Lyrics", Because I Said So, and The Painted Veil.

For starters, I was glad to pass the chance to see "Because I Said So" in the theatre... I couldn't imagine sitting still in the seat without wanting to jump up and run towards the big screen to strangle BOTH Diane Keaton's character Daphne Wilder AND Mandy Moore's Millie Wilder, as a result knock myself silly against the screen AND get escorted by the theatre attendants for portraying violent behaviour in the screening of a M-rated film (M for Moderate Sexual References, NOT Maniacal Nutcase Portrayal).

"Why did you watch it in-flight, then?", you may ask. I am a masochistic person, after all... I have read the reviews on this film, I know that it's bad to say the least, I just wanted to know for myself just how bad it is. Yes, it's bad. There are two saving graces, though. After watching it, I am most grateful to have my mother as my mother and not a persona of Daphne Wilder breathing down my neck. The other saving grace is Gabriel Macht. His smouldering gaze and enigmatic personality was the driving force for me to endure 1 hour and 41 minutes of paranoid mother-daughter behaviour.

The surprise film was "Music and Lyrics". I was told that it's not so good, but I personally found it to be pretty good. I especially liked the parts where Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant get together to compose the song and sing it together, and the ending where Hugh Grant sings a different song to win over Drew Barrymore. I really like the two songs, and Hugh Grant's singing voice sounds like a cross between John Lennon's and Elton John's. :)

(Way Back Into Love theme song from "Music and Lyrics" sung by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett)

I watched "The Painted Veil" last. I didn't know what to expect, but the title intrigued me, as did the synopsis. The opening musical theme swept me away, as it faded to open the first scene, I just couldn't stop watching. Come turbulence, toilet breaks, air sickness, this film had me under its spell. Everything from the cast (Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, and even Anthony Wong Chau Sang!), the dialogue, the plot spoke volumes to me.

I would get "The Painted Veil" on DVD for remembrance. Good films are hard to come by, and it's worth it to get it for collection. :)

"Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people."

(The Painted Veil Poster (taken from http://z.about.com/d/movies/1/0/p/z/N/thepaintedveilposter.jpg)

(A La Claire Fontaine - ending theme song from "The Painted Veil" - sung in Chinese by Shang Wen Jie)


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Yee-chan said...

Actually... I watched 4 movies... I totally forgot that I watched "Catch and Release"... I don't know how to comment on that one... :)

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