Sunday, 28 October 2007

Petaling Jaya in Sydney

" felt as if I was back home in Petaling Jaya (PJ)..."

It was a usual Sunday morning. I had choir practice in the morning, after which the choir sang during mass. I enjoyed singing Byrd's Agnus Dei and Ave Verum Corpus, although to my chagrin I sang my part slightly earlier half way through Ave Verum Corpus, and the choir conductor, GP, noticed it, and gave me a knowing smile. He did comment to me after mass that it wouldn't have been noticed by the congregation. I tend to slip up when I get excited... perhaps over-excited.

It was during mass when Father John gave his sermon, and I was lost in reverie, that I noticed a bird chirping, its sound resonating through the church, almost as if it was listening to Father John speak and replying fervently. It was then I realised that when one is lost in one's own world, the world is lost upon one. I'm sure the bird was trying to tell me to wake up and pay attention; I have been absorbed into a world of my own lately, and if I could snap out of it, things would be clearer to me.

I had lunch at the Fish Market; I haven't been there for more than a year at least. I sat on grass at Wentworth Park; the feel of slightly damp grass and the sun on my skin is difficult to explain. I feel alive, not just living.

Walking to the bus stop behind World Square to catch the bus back to college, I noticed that it was quite humid, and although the afternoon sun made its exit behind the clouds, it felt as if I was back home in PJ. I do miss home.


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