Monday, 5 January 2009

Obsession Continued

I told my X about my chocolate shortbread recipe so we decided to make a batch of it to try, and maybe make some for Chinese New Year, too.

I mentioned in my Obsession entry that I would try to add 200g of dark chocolate instead of just 150g. Not a good idea. With the temperature and cooking time, the shortbread turned out still soft at the bottom. Therefore, if I wanted to make it more rich in chocolate, I would either have to adjust the dark chocolate amount between 150g and 200g without altering the baking settings or adding more flour, or increase the cocoa amount. I think I would try adjusting the dark chocolate amount.

Instead of vanilla extract (which I couldn't find any in the cupboard), I added some Captain Morgan's Jamaican rum. I'm pleased with the result. When I get back to Sydney, I'll try the recipe with some Marsala wine. :P

The shortbread turned out chocolatey-rich, even though the bottom had a brownie-like texture. Yummy...

Once again, X said that she likes them and would be my loyal fan. :P

Stay tuned until I achieve the best chocolate shortbread recipe. :P


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