Thursday, 2 August 2007

Home Alone

Well, after I had the GARDASIL vaccination on Tuesday, the left arm in which the doctor injected hurts. It feels as if I've got pins and needles where the injection site is.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up feeling slightly unwell, with a slight headache. After breakfast, I felt queasy in the stomach, and I was having cat-naps at the pharmacy.

Nowhere in the product information of GARDASIL does it state the symptoms I've been experiencing as adverse reactions to the injection. I think it's just individual to me. :P

So here I am on Thursday morning, a day off sick, reporting the alleged reactions I've had with GARDASIL.

The boss' wife rang not too long ago asking after me, if I'm well, and surprisingly, she asked me if I'd like to stay on. I told her I'd be more than happy if they're happy to have me stay on.

That's settled then. I'm now a permanent, well, more or less, fixture at the pharmacy. :)

I'm a bit apprehensive to be honest, as that would mean I have to take on more responsibility at the pharmacy, especially with the ordering of shop items, baby products and the like.

It's all for the best at the end. I have to start learning, if not to run my own business some day, then at least to have more experience. :)

Wish me luck.


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