Sunday, 5 August 2007


04/08/2007 working at Liverpool was by far the smoothest-running day I've had since working as a pharmacist-in-charge. It's true that I've gotten a tad bit more efficient at checking scripts and dealing with customer service. By far the more important factor, however, is teamwork.

J and EL were the dispensary technicians on that day, and EL told me, "SY (a colleague and a good friend), told me to be nice to you!", to which she was, even to the point of bringing a script for me to check while she sat me down to eat my lunch (which she bought for me before she went off for lunch). It was my first time working with EL, and I was very impressed with her attitude, be it on work, or her outlook on life. I've worked with J on one or two occassions, and I've always found J to be a very obliging and friendly person.

Teamwork is a very important; and it makes such a big difference to work satisfaction. I'm very happy for my achievement, and I'm also very appreciative for the good team. :) Thank you.


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