Friday, 20 July 2007


With Ah Bow's absence, the sorrow I feel compounds.

Whenever I am sad, I look at him, and see that he's happy in his own little world. Why could I not be content to live in mine?

Now he's gone.

Perhaps he was not as happy as I have made him out to be.

Perhaps that's why he left. The things that I have not done and done.

I think back to slightly more than 2 months ago, 71 days today to be exact, and the things someone has told me, the things that I have done, the things that I have not done, that made him unhappy, and, in consequence, has made me unhappy. That's why the happiness ended. My fairy tale ended.

Could I have done things differently? Perhaps. Then perhaps things won't be as they are now.

I won't have to type while tears stream down my face.



Cinderella said...

Actually u dont need 2 blame urself.Dont always feel dat it s ur fault.A relationship s a matter dat concerns 2 ppl,if there s really any fault,u r nt da ony 1 to be blamed,the other person shud also bear responsibility.Anyway,in a relationship,there s no rite n wrong.Tis s nt exam where there s ony 1 s whether da person s willing 2 accept u juz as u r.N if he doesnt,it s nt bcz u r nt gud enough n nt his fault either.It s juz dat u r nt his cup of tea.Remember,nt everybody lks 2 drink tea,even though it s very nice.Sum lk milk,sum lk water n mayb sum lk fruit juice.So u hv 2 wait 4 a person who lks tea.This s relationship.I m sure ur tea lover will appear 1 day.In life anythg can happen n ur life s very long.B4 u reach da end of ur life u wont noe da end result.Wat s happening 2 u nw may b a gud thg,it may b a blessing in disguise.U don noe...God has a plan 4 us bt of cz we don noe wat it s.So da ony thg we can do s 2 wait n accept wat dat s given 2 us.Cheer up...

Yee-chan said...

Thanks Cinderella... if you're reading this. :)

Cinderella said...

Gt ur msg.U r welcome.I juz telling u wat i noe,hehe,not much la.Anyway,hope u will cheer up.take care ya...

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