Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I've been back in PJ for four days.

I've been busy stuffing my face with good food. My plan to maintain my weight, or even better, lose weight, is flushed down the hatch with each gulp of Sarsi. :P

My morning ritual is to check the classifieds for suitable job openings. I realise how difficult it is to apply for a job from across the oceanic divide. By the time I enquire about a job opening, half the population of Australia has beaten me to it. If I'm asked when I could go in for an interview, I regretfully reply that I'm not in situ... but how about in one and a half weeks' time? ... No?

On the morning I arrived home, C coerced me into tending the jungle of a garden (my father harbours grand dreams for the garden to bloom into his private Utopia; the only creatures calling the garden Utopia these days are bats and rats). We've given the garden a considerable make-over ever since, up-turned pots, half-tended patches of soil... but we're getting there. Really, we are.

Which reminds me, I bought some cut herbs, hopefully the cuttings can grow roots so that I can pot them. I have yet to go downstairs to check on the cuttings. Hopefully they're still alive in this sweltering heat. Fingers crossed.

Yes, I've been busy...



Chee Kui said...

Welcome back to PJ! ;)

p/s: I have a new blog. hehe.

Yee-chan said...

Thanks... noted your new blog. ;)

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