Sunday, 17 May 2009

New Look + Current Favourites

After 4 years of wearing my hair long, I had them snipped off to shoulder length. I look refreshed, according to my sister, C.

I think so, too.

Current favourite look - lady-like.

I told C that if I have loads of money to spend (disposable income, in economic term), I'd spend them on Christian Dior haute couture.

I saw this dress from the 2009 Spring / Summer collection.Justify Full

Très joli, n'est-ce pas?

Current favourite TV show - Masterchef on Channel Ten.

I love food shows... and I love watching George Calombaris, he reminds me of Doraemon... recipes and gadgets coming out of his pockets. :P

I love Manu Feildel... too bad he has so little airing time on Masterchef.

Current thought - It's 4:36 am Sunday 17/05/2009. I should be sleeping soon.


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