Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Stir-Fried Fish Noodles

There's this shop in old town PJ which sells noodles made from fish meat. I've eaten it twice. The noodles are stir-fried kuey tiaw style, very very yummy.

I decided to make fish noodles today.

I bought snapper fillets to make the fish meat. The fish needs to be minced until it is of lighter shade, then kneaded until it is of doughy, rubbery consistency. I added an egg to the paste, which made the dough a little bit sticky and harder to handle. I should have left out the egg. I added a little bit of oil and salt to make it shinier.

I put the fish paste into a piping bag and piped out thin strands into a saucepan of hot boiling water. Once the noodles float up, they were ready to be used.
The noodles needed to be seasoned quite heavily when fried, because I didn't add much salt to the fish paste.

I fried it kuey tiaw style, minus the prawns and cockles (I couldn't find cockles). Yummy yummy. I'll post a picture up when I get the time.

KT liked it, so that was a good thing. My sister that the noodles weren't as chewy as
the one in PJ, which my father thought was because of the snapper; tenggiri (mackerel) would have been a better fish to make fish paste. I didn't process the paste for long, which could have contributed to the lack of chewiness. :P

When I lay my hands on mackerel... :P


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