Sunday, 1 February 2009

Checking out

The apartment is in a major start of disarray.

On the 6th day of Chinese New Year, we are packing up a storm in preparation of our moving to the block across the road.

The living room is filled with cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes, empty, half-full, full.

I am here to document this important event.

Fluffing, in other words.

I love that word.

I should be packing, too, but the stomach's growling, and I'm thinking of oh jian (oyster omelette).

So I'm googling for a good recipe. To keep up the energy to pack up.

I liken renting to an extended stay at a hotel.

Check-in, unpack, pack, check-out.

With more than just one suitcase of clothes.

Heaps more.


1 comment:

The pig the great said...

take pic of your new apartment leh post it post it i wanna seee hehe..:P

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