Sunday, 19 October 2008

Testing the Limits

KT and I went to his friend's wedding dinner at Zilver's. There were alcohol at the table, a bottle Shiraz and Remy Martin VSOP. I didn't talk much, so I decided to test my alcohol limit. I don't drink on a regular basis, not even socially, and since KT was with me, and neither of us were driving home that night, I felt "safe" to test the waters.

Throughout the night, I had one wine glass (perhaps a little bit more) of Shiraz and one glass of VSOP.


I don't think I tolerate red wines - I had a slight headache after downing the glass, and I didn't like the oak aftertaste of the Shiraz.

The VSOP? I loved it. For 40%v/v alcohol content, it was surprisingly easy to down, except to the fiery trail it burns down the throat. At the end of the night, one of KT's friends dropped us home, and I remember talking a lot considering I didn't know them that well. To my recollection, I didn't talk nonsense, but KT said I did.

Alcohol does loosen inhibition - that's a proven fact.

I didn't throw up, though. And I didn't drink enough to have a hangover. Guess I do tolerate alcohol well enough. ;)


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