Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Love Exchange

Disclaimer: This is not a review of the television drama Love Exchange. This entry is the sole opinion of the writer.

I think I'm becoming one of those archetypical “师奶” (housewife) who can't go through the day without TV drama. I would have finished watching TVB's Love Exchange in three days - I forced myself to slow down because if I finished the series, I would have no dramas to watch for a couple of days until I get hold of the next episode of currently aired Moonlight Resonance!

I'm down to the last two episodes of Love Exchange. So far, I've found it to be an entertaining watch. There are a couple of sub-plots / character(s) that I didn't care for - Tracy Ip's one-dimensional character as the rich daddy's girl Sophie. I fail to understand how a 20-something year old beautiful, born with a silver spoon in her mouth, accomplished, seemingly intelligent, woman could be so appallingly pathetic when it comes to love. Sophie seemed to have it all - an intellectual Paris Hilton - and yet she is Play-Doh in her husband's slimy hands, choosing to ignore her husband's unfaithfulness and wrong-doings. The crowning glory to Ms. Sophie's beautiful head is - shock horror - she's actually a NICE rich girl.

Her most memorable line from her lacklustre performance:
"I don't mind (my husband's) philandering, as long as he knows the way home."

I don't think many - if any - rich girls would act this way. Hey, if I were a beautiful rich girl, why should I tolerate any nonsense from anyone?

I could have done without Sophie's insipid character or Tracy Ip's acting - frustrating to watch and a blow to feminism. I don't even consider myself a feminist. :P

Enough ranting from me. I'll get back to watching Episode 19.

HK police investigation was portrayed to be some sort of a circus - laughable. Best character portrayal - Crystal Tin. The twist at the end was a bit of a surprise, but not a shock. The ending - realistic enough.

Verdict? Better TVB drama of recent times. Some parts were reminiscent of older dramas (e.g. the scene where Sophie's father rolled down the stairs and became a vegetable), but I can't be able to pinpoint which, perhaps it's because scenes get rehashed so often that it's difficult to keep track.

Now that I have finished the series, perhaps I could go about doing something more constructive. Banking? Grocery-shopping? The list goes on.


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