Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Nam Nam Father, poor Old St. Michael's needs more than dusting!

I know. It's been over a month since I wrote something. It's blogger's block. :P So many things go through my mind every day, I reach for the computer to write them down, and when I begin to, my mind draws a blank.

I suppose I should update on the current happenings in my life. Yes, it has been nearly three months since I moved. So far, it's been good. I love the quietness of the new place, and although I have to make mad dashes to the city for grocery and errands, it's a good change. I do miss Broadway, though. I miss the convenience of being so close to the city. I miss going to Harris Farm and shopping for weird and wonderful foods. Just Saturday KT and I went for a shopping spree at Broadway for groceries and necessities, and we were waiting for a taxi to cart our shopping home, and we happened across a new yum cha place where Mamma's Kitchen used to be at. Yum cha from 10am to 10pm. Imagine that.

Father gave us a tour of "poor old St. Michael's". It seems that since the majority of us has left St. Michael's, it has begun to collapse. Literally-speaking. The engineers came around to assess St. Michael's state of disrepair. The roof has begun to peel off in certain parts of the college, due to the collection of rain water on the rooftop. The room where PY and I have stayed for more than three years smells musty and dank, with water leaking from most parts of the ceiling.

Father showed us each and every room that has been affected, and I felt as if I was on a tour of a delapidated historical building. I almost expected to see a sad ghost around each corner. St. Michael's is too quiet, so very different to when we used to stay there, running up and down the stairs, shouting and jumping around in our room, cooking in the kitchen, singing in the bathroom whilst have a shower, watching the Australian Open in the TV room, playing mahjong.

As Father showed us the tree and bamboo plants he planted thirty years ago, I was overcome with a wave of sadness, so intense that I wanted to cry. Even now, I cannot help feeling nostalgic for the happy days we shared at St. Michael's. Old and rundown though it has been, it was our fleeting home.


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