Saturday, 19 April 2008

All Things New

Today is my birthday.

I am 27 years old.

It is also the first birthday in 6 years that I get to celebrate with my parents.

It is also the first birthday in the new apartment.

Yes, I have moved into an apartment. It's quite new, us being the second lot of tenants to move in since two years ago, if I'm not mistaken.

More about the apartment in another entry.

I celebrated my 27th year with a mask on my face. No, literally. I put on some facial mask on my face quarter to midnight, thinking that before midnight, I would have washed it off well before midnight and my skin would feel good and refreshed. At midnight my roommate burst into the room with a friend and they had a cake for me. I still had the mask on, and whilst they serenaded me with the birthday song, I entertained them with bits of dried up mask falling off my face. Not very appetising.

The cake, on the other hand, was very yummy. Taro-flavoured. My favourite.

I should be getting a move on to meet my parents.


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