Sunday, 23 December 2007

Dae Han Ming Guk!!!! - Kimchi family trip 2007

8 days and 7 nights in South Korea (16/12/2007 - 22/12/2007) - I am practically addicted to kimchi!!!

It was -3 degrees Celcius when we reached Seoul Incheon Airport at 7:30am 16/12/2007. It was cool, but not too unbearable since it was not windy. We took the tour bus from Incheon to Kimpo Domestic Terminal to catch a flight to Jeju Island, where our South Korea trip officially began.

Jeju Island is nicknamed the Hawaii of South Korea for its beachfront and the fact that Koreans flock Jeju during summertime. The first thing I noticed as we came out of the airport was the palm trees. Hawaii indeed, if not for the cool weather and slightly cloudy sky. The tour guide, Eddy, told us that Jeju is also famous for its tangerines. We saw rows of tangerine trees planted by the roadsides, laden with big fat tangerines. I vaguely recall this Korean TV drama in which the female lead was caught stealing tangerines from a tangerine orchard in Jeju. I wondered if they were sweet.

Jeju is Korea's largest island, composed of volcanic rocks. Not surprisingly, the various rock formations of Jeju is one of the tourist attractions. Yongduam (Dragon Head Rock) was our first destination. Its namesake is due to a large basalt rock resembling a dragon's head protuding out of the sea.


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