Thursday, 21 October 2010

Eason - Duo Sydney Concert 2010 (Sydney Entertainment Centre, Saturday 02/10/2010)

Went to Eason Chan's Duo Sydney 2010 concert 02/10/2010. I really enjoyed it.The duo concept was about singing songs by other singers which were significant to Eason.

One of the songs, "Tuo Fei Lun" (Tourbillon), made me reminisce my second year in Sydney - I was 22 then, and David Tao's song "22" was my anthem. I was a blossom waiting to bloom, unfurling its petals slowly but surely, impatient to be greeted by the sun.

I am 29 years old this year, I look back to when I was 22 years old, and I think of how far I have come, what I have achieved, and what I have yet to achieve. 

Eason Chan's song describes my 29 years of life and living. I now realise the importance of time. 

Time waits for no man, nor woman. 


过去十八岁 没戴表 不过有时间
够我 没有后顾 野性贪玩

霎眼廿七岁 时日无多 方不敢偷惰
宏愿纵未了 奋斗总不太晚
望望身边 应该有 已尽有
我的美酒 跑车 相机 金表 也讲究
直到世间 个个也妒忌 仍不怎么富有
用我尚有 换我没有
其实已 用尽所拥有

曾付出 几多心跳
来换取 一堆堆 的发票
人值得 命中减少几秒 多买一只表
秒速 捉得紧了
为何用到尽了 至知哪样紧要

劳力是 无止境
活着多好 不需要 靠物证
也不以高薪 高职 高级品 搏尊敬
就算搏到 伯爵那地位 和萧邦的隽永
卖了任性 日拼夜拼

曾付出 几多心跳
来换取 一堆堆 的发票
人值得 命中减少几秒 多买一只表
秒速 捉得紧了
为何用到尽了 至知哪样紧要

记住那 关于光阴的教训
回头走 天已暗
你献出了十寸 时和分
还剩低 几多心跳
连自己 亦都分析不了 得到多与少
也许 真的疯了
那个倒影 多么可笑
灵魂若变卖了 上链也没心跳
银或金 都不紧要
谁造机芯 一样了
计划了 照做了 得到了 时间却太少
还剩低 几多心跳
还在数 赶不及了
昂贵是这刻 我觉悟了
在时计里 看破一生 淼淼

Ironically, I was meant to post this up much sooner. :) 



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