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Daniel Alps at Strathlynn 19th of April, 2010

It was an affair to remember....

A lunch affair, that is...

At Daniel Alps at Strathlynn.

Daniel Alps at Strathlynn is situated in the Ninth Island Vineyard at Rosevears, overlooking the Tamar River. Rosevears is about 20 minutes away from Launceston.

We arrived slightly earlier than 1pm, and were seated promptly. Three-quarters of the restaurant walls had windows, so regardless of where we were seated, it was guaranteed with a view. The scenery from the inside of the restaurant was magnificent.

I read the review in the Australian Traveller Magazine that the menu at Daniel Alps' changes daily, in keeping with the local produce.
I wondered what treat was in store for us.

No sooner were we offered the menu, I started jotting down dishes I thought were inspiring / interesting. KT ordered the Springfield venison with du puy lentils, beetroots, and red onion (entree size), whereas I took a fancy for penne with meat ragu, sage, and truffle oil. We also ordered a side of herb potatoes, and for dessert, the soft-centred Callebaut chocolate pudding.

The maitre'd spotted me taking notes from the menu, and signalled for the attending waitress to give me a copy of the menu. She then told me that the menu changes daily. How very attentive of them!

It didn't seem too long before the dishes arrived; I was so absorbed with the beautiful surroundings. The dishes we ordered were equally as captivating, KT's venison was succulent and moist. The lentils were flavoursome and smoky, a beautiful accompaniment to the venison. The beetroots - one of KT's least favourite vegetable - were sweet, so much so that KT made no fuss over finishing those beetroots, even after I told him what they were.

When I took the first forkful of penne, I was in love. The ragu was rich and silky, the flavours lingered in my mouth. It was not starchy or heavy at all. Never had I enjoyed pasta so much. Even now, I would recollect the flavours of the penne, and my mouth would water.

Springfield venison with du puy lentils, beetroots, and red onion

Penne with meat ragu, sage, and truffle oil

Herb potatoes

More than happy with our mains, I then ordered a peppermint tea, while we waited for the dessert.

Refreshing peppermint tea

Soft-centred Callebaut chocolate pudding with raspberry sorbet and Chantilly cream

The pudding was served with a raspberry sorbet and Chantilly cream. In a nutshell, the dessert was heavenly, perfect for that sunny Autumn day. The pudding, soft and creamy in the middle, was balanced by the tartness of the sorbet, and rounded by the Chantilly cream.

"Strathlynn is the type of place around which you organise the rest of your touring itinerary so that you arrive right on lunch time..." as quoted on a review website.

I could not agree more, as that was precisely what we did.

If you're travelling to Launceston, definitely make Daniel Alps at Strathlynn a must.

Daniel Alps at Strathlynn
G95 Rosevears Drive, Rosevears, Tasmania.
03 6330 2388


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