Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Taste of Sydney 14th March 2010

The Taste of Sydney - I went two days in a row, once with C and her boyfriend, and the second time with X. We tried more dishes on the first day, a few hits and misses, and when I went with X, we zeroed in on the hit dishes, and scratched our heads deciding on a few others I had not tried the day before.

My tastebuds probably have more choice words in relation to the food, I shall let the photos and the captions tell the story for now...

Our first must-try dish of the day - Beef Ribs Smoked in Watermelon with a Watermelon and Avocado Salad - Danks Street Depot

The smoked, slightly sweet flavour of the ribs balanced by the refreshing watermelon salad. This was a crowd favourite, I heard so many people talking about this.

Chilled Vichysoisse, Salmon Caviar, Hawkesbury River Oyster Beignet - Berowra Waters Inn

Loved the vichysoisse and the salmon caviar, not so much the oyster

Wagyu Beef Daube with Paris Mash - Guillaume at Bennelong

The famous Paris mash - smooth and creamy, the beef was flavoursome, although I found it a bit dry

Romeo Baudouin of Victor Churchill, Charcutier preparing a terrine of pig's head - the poor pig's head was smiling away at the corner

Bailey's with a hint coffee on ice-cream - intoxicating

We saved this for the very last - Vanilla Panna Cotta with Lavender Honey and Fresh Pomegranate - Jonah's at Whale Beach

The quivering work of art deserves another take - not too sweet, yet indulgent - oh-so-very indulgent

Barramundi in a Bag alla Taste of Sydney - with cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and fennel

I even managed to take notes on how to cook barramundi in a paper bag (shown by Richard Ptacnik of Otto), which I tried the following night. It was incredibly easy to cook, and my first attempt managed to produce a delicious, edible dish!

I'm not a fan of fennel, but this recipe sold me the idea to give fennel another go, and I was pleasantly surprised.

All in all, we had a lovely time at the Taste of Sydney, and until now, my tastebuds still tingle at the thought of some of the dishes I had tried there.


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Sarah said...

Looks delicious.. I actually had wagyu beef for the first time after hearing so much about how delicious it is supposed to be! I bought it from a company that was priced well and the meat came fresh (www.siffoods.com). I will never look at store bought beef the same way again!

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