Friday, 25 September 2009

Early Morning Awakening

I woke up at 3:47 in the morning. I fell asleep on the sofa. I was that tired.

I have been tired for a while now.

Sometimes I think too much or try to do too much at the same time.

I know I'm human. No matter how quickly I'm able to get things done, I can only truly take care of some things and neglect others.

I don't mean to.

I was browsing a primary schoolmate's Facebook account and found out that she is going through a rough patch in her life. Even though we have never been close, but I feel for her.

And I realised.

Life is made up of fleeting moments, not one moment is identical to the next. I have to live in the moment, because once it's gone, I can't relive it again.

And so I would live each moment, as best as I can.

Savour each moment, as best as I can.

And remember each moment, as best as I can.


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