Sunday, 14 September 2008

Wall.E - One of the Most Meaningful Animated Movies in a Long While

Wall.E is another production of the geniuses at Pixar. I love the story-telling with the characters with minimal dialogue. It's not a "fluff" animation either; I had to think a bit to understand the storyline.

In a way, Wall.E reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's animes - it relies more on visual impact and interpretation, and the environmental message is unmistakable.

The main character, Wall.E, is so lovable. I just couldn't stop crying throughout the film, even the funny parts were heart-wrenching.

I love the part where Wall.E gathers "junk" and carefully puts them away in his "home" as if they were treasures - Wall.E was going about his usual business of compacting junk and collecting trinkets when he came across a ring box, he opened it to reveal a ring, proceeded to throw away the ring, was instead fascinated by the box and put the box in his storage box for keeping.

I like it that Wall.E is portrayed to be a complex character, human-like, and yet, with a "mind" and "heart" of a child - simple and pure.

It's a story about love, the ability to feel, and the appreciation for the Earth on which we live.


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