Friday, 7 March 2008

Don't Be That Guy!

So there I was on a Wednesday evening walking towards the exit of Central Station like any other evening, minding my business, when this guy walks up from behind and alongside me, and asks,

"I have seen you from somewhere. Where do you work?"

Nice try, MATE. I felt like telling him, "THE POLICE STATION". Of course, I was too polite, not to mention, too wary of him, to say that. I walked faster and mumbled, "I'm in a hurry."

I don't know what his intention was, but if it was to:

1. use that line as a pick-up line, BAD CHOICE. Why ask me where I work? It made me think that he's a stalker. My aunt told me that there are a lot of crazy people in Australia when I first came to Australia, and, in my line of work, I have met many crazy people. Besides, my mummy tells me never to talk to strangers. So there.

2. ask me where I work because he actually recognised me, let him figure it out on his own. I'm not about to tell any Tom, Dick, and Harry, where I work.

Tough luck, mate. You picked the wrong person to chat up.


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