Monday, 11 February 2008

Fifth Day of Chinese New Year in Sydney

I arrived in Sydney this morning to very nice cool weather, a far cry from the blistering heat back home in Petaling Jaya.

Chinese New Year cannot be any quieter than in Sydney, with most of the celebrations concentrated in Chinatown, only 15 minutes' away from where I stay. Whereas I had the sound of Chinese drums and cymbals accompanying the lion dance back home, back at college, I have the banging and clanging of heavy machinery at the construction site right next to the college. Still, I fancy the sounds to be those of Chinese New Year celebrations, to keep my Chinese New Year spirits up. After all, the festive season does not end until after the 15th.

KT bought a nian gao at Chinatown. Tonight, I'll be frying battered nian gao with sweet potato slices, a little treat for us. Can't wait... yum yum... :)


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